Ginger flower

There are more than 1,000 species of ginger, which are combined into 47 genera. Therefore there is no definite answer the question, how does the ginger. There were entirely ornamental species, for example, Siamese Tulip, or ginger Lily, there are the usual types that are used for cooking and treatment.

Shoots of ginger are similar to not too long sharpened pencils, in Thailand they are often added to food, I must say that the Thais often use for cooking and flowers ginger.

The ginger is quite subtle pseudostable of rolled into a tube leaves. These stems are often painted in an intense pink color at the bottom and are quite a beautiful sight in themselves. Ginger root is actually a rhizome, an underground stem, rhizome and pseudostable can recall the hand with the phalanges. All plant parts have strong lemon scent. In the natural environment ginger grows in tropical forests mainly in Southeast Asia.

The flowering ginger is a pretty beautiful sight. The plant produces flowers on long basal stems. Depending on the kind of ginger, the flowers can be yellow, purple, white, red, or even combine different shades in a single inflorescence. By the way, the heads may resemble the shape of buds, large double flowers or even lilies. To ginger blossom, it is necessary to observe several conditions at the same time: high humidity and temperature and the absence of direct sunlight.

Ginger as a houseplant

If you grow ginger as an ornamental plant, plant the rhizomes in small pots and do not dig them for the winter (for several years) after the upper part of the plant faded. Dormant potted rhizomes require minimal watering rare enough that the soil was slightly damp. When ginger renews its growth in spring, begin to water and feed with appropriate fertilizer (ideal for the blossoming flowers with lots of potassium). To ginger blossom, provide it with adequate watering, high humidity, heat and protect from direct sunlight.

For the cultivation of ginger is enough to take a piece of relatively fresh rhizomes, cut places you need to immediately sprinkle activated charcoal or ash. Put a piece of the rhizome in warm water for a few hours, to awaken him to grow, then plant in a pot. If all goes well, the first shoots will appear after a couple of weeks.