Vityazevo typical Mediterranean climate with plenty of sun and moderate humidity. Almost 300 days a year in the village the sun shines brightly. Cloudy days in Vityazevo are very rare.

Which Jul in Vityazevo

Sun, heat, warm showers are rare and refreshing sea breeze are the realities of weather Jul in Vityazevo. In short, it's the perfect weather for a carefree holiday.

Day temperature in July is kept within +26-28 degrees. There are days when it rises above 31 degrees. At night the temperature rarely drops below +20-22 degrees.

The temperature of sea water off the coast of Anapa in July is +23-25 degrees. In shallow water and it reaches up to 27-29 degrees. The water is comfortable to swim even for young children.
Vityazevo is washed by the Black sea, but Vityazevsky Liman.

Despite the fact that almost all of July in Vityazevo the sun shines, the rain this month still are. They go mainly in the evening or in the morning. During the month there are around 40 mm of precipitation. July is considered to be one of the wettest months of the year. But the rains are usually of short duration.

Humidity in July remains low, heat is not seen, as the heat always weakens a light breeze coming from the sea. At this time of the year in the village of blowing westerly and South-westerly winds. Wind speed is about 4 m/s.

Rest in Vityazevo in July

July in Vityazevo peak holiday season. Warm shallow sea, gently sloping terrain, dry and mild Mediterranean climate make this village a popular holiday destination. Tourists waiting in Vityazevo unforgettable beach vacation. In the village there are excellent sandy beaches that seem endless.
Vityazevo beaches, consisting of sand mixed with shells, famous for their healing properties, as composed of quartz and feldspars.

The heart of the resort is the waterfront Paralia. This is a great scenic walkway that leads to the beach. It has every imaginable resort joy: night clubs, cafes, shops, wine boutiques.

The air in Vityazevo extremely clean and fresh, it increased content of ozone and oxygen, as well as hydroaeroplane sea salts. The holiday in the village will benefit not only adults but also children.

Vityazevo has the richest reserves of mud of estuaries, only in Russia. In its vicinity there are more than fifty of the pseudo-volcanic hills - the mud volcanoes with impressive reserves of volcanic mud. It is used in the treatment of skin ailments and cosmetic purposes.