The paper also called wetmanski paper (Whatman paper). This paper, which is poorly pronounced texture, with the surface sizing, whereby a high density. There is very little wears and ages, and so quite a long has a presentable appearance. The main but not the only, sphere of application – drawing with pencils or watercolor.

The history of creation

This wonderful paper was made in the 1750s for the first time in years in England, James Whatman, who was a paper manufacturer. He has entered into a new form of consumption for paper production, due to which the leaves were obtained without a trace of the mesh as it was before. James called his creation "woven paper (wove an paper). However, in our accustomed language of a completely different name – lists of sizes from A1 and less were called flipcharts, in honor of the inventor. But this is fundamentally wrong, because the paper is a technology, which was made of a sheet of paper, not its size.


Paper drawing Paper quickly found its admirers in the world of artists, drawing-watercolor. At the time, she was loved by Gainsborough.
In Russia this kind of paper became widespread in the second half of the XIX century. It was used for printing engravings and lithographs. She was used for drawing of various drawings made by pencils, watercolors or ink.

What size is the paper?

Paper made of Paper has the name Ah. Its dimensions are defined according to international standards, so that it has the same dimensions in all countries.
Based on the size of the paper sheet taken, which is called A0. It has an area equal to one square meter. The formats of the other sheets are obtained by dividing it in half with perfect precision.
The paper size of format A:
1. Size A0 – 841х1189 mm. It is the largest sheet, it is called wetmanski in the drawing.
2. Size A1 – 594х841 mm. This size is achieved by dividing the sheet of A0 in half minus 1 mm, which is needed for the cut.
3. Size A2 – 420х594 mm. Traditional Newspapers took as a basis for their pages this format.
4. Size A3 – 297х420мм. The format preferred by newspaper tabloids.
5. Size A4 – 210x297 mm. Is the size of the main paper, which is used everywhere – in offices, documents, printers, etc.
6. Size A5 – 148x210 mm. This size is used mainly for small brochures, and other handouts.
7. Size A6 – 105х148 mm. Very rare paper format.

As you can see, enshrined in society, the habit of calling A1 format paper – drawing paper is incorrect. Whatman – not the format, and manufacturing technology, and thanks to a wonderful man, James Whatman, today we enjoy convenient paper sizes, which occupy a large part of our work, and for some life.