Is it possible to give the child a normal tea?

Tea contains not only useful for baby substances (magnesium, potassium, calcium) and harmful. The latter include, first and foremost, caffeine. Its content in the tea, no less than in coffee. Such a substance capable of disrupting the sleep of the child. This is because caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, which is quite undesirable for small children. You must keep in mind that green tea contains caffeine even more than black.

So drinking green or black tea, you should wait up to 3 years. Child over that age you can drink poorly brewed drink (using a small amount of welding) and with milk. Instead of milk you can add in tea of lemon, a leaf of lemon balm or mint, but from sugar it is advisable to refrain. Better sweeten the drink with a small amount of honey if the child is not allergic to it. It is also worth remembering that you should not offer children tea before bed.

As for kids aged 6 months to 3 years, you can give them children's tea.

What kind of tea you can drink for children under 3 years

Relatively recently in the domestic market there are special teas for children. They can give your child from 6 months, weakly brewed and in small portions.

This drink acts on the nervous system of the baby a calming effect, promotes relaxation and sound sleep. The children's tea includes natural extracts of Linden, chamomile, and as a flavoring agent it is used the extract of lemon grass and lemon balm. This drink contains no sugar, no preservatives, because they use kids is contraindicated.

Also, the child may make herbal tea from fennel, mint, lemon balm or chamomile. It has a calming effect, helps with digestive problems, intestinal colic and colds. Yourself tea you need to prepare not strong, not to cause the child allergic reactions.

In addition, young children can be given fake tea. It has a calming effect and a slight antipyretic effect. This drink is usually popular with the kids, as it has a wonderful smell and taste. It is important to remember that collecting lime color can only be away from roads and industrial zones.

As you can see, baby herbal teas good for the body of the child. However, to give their baby only after consultation with the pediatrician.