Butterfly cabbage white lives about three weeks, enough time to snooze on the underside of cabbage leaf up to 200 eggs. Days after 10 of them hatch into caterpillars, which grow very fast. First they eat the leaves of cabbage on the bottom. Then, as you grow, destroy the whole leaf and leave him alone veins.

How to deal with pests

The most basic way to prevent the mass appearance of caterpillars – to see cabbage leaves, namely the upper side. Found eggs and caterpillars are destroyed.

The use of chemicals, insecticides. There are a great number: fitoverm, cemitas, kinmiks etc. Must be used according to instructions.

Destroy the pest and prevent its reproduction bacterial and fungal infections, and insects-parasites.

  • "Millbrook". This parasite lays its eggs directly on caterpillars. Developing larvae feed on the insides of the caterpillar, and those are dying. Parasite larvae emerge from the caterpillar and spin cocoons of yellow color, similar in shape to an egg. Wrapped tight in a chrysalis, they become adults insect parasites, and then fly out of the cocoons. Definitely need to keep these cocoons, you transfer them to the places where caterpillars are especially a lot.
  • On the pupae of butterflies are often pteroyl parasite, also causing the death of insect.
  • In eggs butterflies white develops oviphages Trichogramma.
  • As for the disease, huge damage belyanka "flasharea" - the growth of caterpillars stops, their insides turn into a "mess" yellow.

People's ways of dealing with the white

From folk methods are used: tobacco dust, decoctions and infusions of chamomile, sage, potato leaves, burdock. Treat the affected plants from the sprayer. How to prepare:

  • Polyn gather, wait for wither, chop. To kilograms of wormwood to add a little water and boil for 15 minutes. The cooled broth is diluted with water bucket. Double spraying is required with a one week break.
  • Take 1 kg of fresh potato leaves, add a bucket of water, left to stand for 3.5 hours. After straining, add 50 grams of soap.
  • Chamomile take 1 kg, pour warm water in a volume of 10 l, let stand 12 hours. Also strain. Dilute with water 2 times, and then add soap - 40 g / 10 L.
  • The leaves of burdock chop, fill 1/3 of the bucket, add 10 litres of water. Infuse takes a long time – three days.
  • Good help from the cabbage tobacco dust, it is applied dry directly on the leaves.