Advice 1: How to check wife's cell phone

When the family has no trust in the course are all methods of peer review allegiance. Find all the secret information in the phones, laptops, purse, pockets, clothing.
Mobile phone keeps a lot of secret information

The basic rules of viewing someone else's phone

To avoid scandals and accusations, you need to see the personal things secret from their owner. You should wait for a moment when wife let down your guard and leave your phone in a visible place. Otherwise, you will have to spend time looking for means of communication. If the phone was in my bag, silently and without a trace to take it out does not always work. It is necessary to plan the plan of action to quickly and debugged to check it out and do not miss the smallest detail. Before you take the phone in hand, you need to remember, as he lay, otherwise, the covert operation will not work.

Password - the first obstacle

The first obstacle that you would face is the password. It is possible to peep when the wife locks the phone. The most difficult of ways: to find a special program to crack, to search the Internet for different ways to get to the menu.

Access to the personal Cabinet

Interesting information can be stored, received, outgoing messages and drafts. To view correspondence with contacts, as they are not always written under real names. Interested in another call list. If all this information is erased, so the wife has something to hide. But here you can find a loophole. While there is access to the phone, you can get the password to enter the private office of the cellular operator. This will give a huge advantage. From now on you can control all calls and messages, incoming and outgoing from this number. The username to log into the personal Cabinet will be the phone number itself, but the new password can be obtained by SMS. You must visit the official website of the operator, find the tab "my account", enter the phone number and use the "Recover password", the phone will receive a message with a new password. In your account you can get a printout of calls, to watch the flow of funds to view received MMS messages.

Things to check

The contact list may also give some information about the environment of his wife. You need to take away all suspicious characters, write their phone number in the future to call. You should consult the organiser in your phone: notes, drafts, to-do list.

If the phone can access the Internet, and the wife takes this opportunity, then this information can "dig". Here will be interested in the list of browser bookmarks and history of visited sites. History will show that the interests of the wife, what sites visits, on whose page on a social network often comes, what search keywords drives. Bookmarked, as a rule, are ' sites that my wife often attends and saved them for quick access. For the full picture you should see the entire directory of folders in the phone and their contents.

Advice 2: How to check the fidelity of the wife

Advice 3: How to check the wife of allegiance

Family life is not always easy. Sometimes spouses move away from each other. Appears jealousy and distrust. Moreover, to suspect your mate of infidelity can not only women. Some men also want to be sure that their wife is completely loyal to them.
How to check the wife of allegiance
If something caused you to doubt the loyalty of your wife, first figure out what exactly. Perhaps she began to behave strangely. If the cause of your mental agony in her behavior, you really need to know how you true.
Become more attentive. You should notice all the changes that occur in your own person. What kind of mood she came home from work? What time? She looked tired, as usual, or her emotions were running high for unknown reasons? Observe and analyse, compare her actions and mood of those that were before.
If you notice that the wife is lying to you, even small things, every night, check her cell phone for messages or calls from a strange man. Naturally, such evidence immediately removed the cheats, but sooner or later they may forget about caution. Also visit social networks and check all the correspondence. Do it quietly, so as not increase her vigilance.
My wife and spend more time. Arrange family picnics, trips to restaurant, movies, etc. So you not only will be closer and maybe you will understand that in vain idea favorite, but look how many she has free time. If she will look for a reason to go somewhere, she will often call "work", so your suspicion is justified.
If you need to find out the truth in no time, you can install surveillance camera or bugs. This instrument can be so seamless that your spouse will never guess that she is under surveillance. However, you will need to spend money, so first make sure you want to go that far.
If you have any good methods and, besides, are you sure that the wife won't allow one in the house, check on the lie detector. Over a certain amount you will be able to use this service, which is offered in many cities. But be prepared for the fact that you can greatly hurt your favorite.
If you still want to stay unnoticed in his small investigation, independently take care of her. Be quiet and unobtrusive, view, where, and with whom she goes to when goes to work, or where she's going in the day, if she supposedly got a call from work.
Most importantly – be prepared for the fact that you can open the hard truth. Decide for yourself whether you are ready for it, and only then begin to act. In addition, if the wife will find out your spying on them, and while she does not change, the relationship between you can be very bad. Unlikely normal person like lack of trust to the person.
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