A wart is a growth on the skincaused by the activity of the papillomavirus. It can be formed in any part of the body and in some cases, cause physical discomfort. These warts require removal. They mostly belong to the type of foot, and pain is caused by compression of the built-up shoes.

Dangerous warts during gestation and birth?

Neither for women, nor for the fruition of these growths are not dangerous. But genital warts (warts located in the groin area and penis) can cause infection of the baby by HPV. These pointed growths can be not only on the skin but in the vagina and on the cervix. The removal of these warts is relevant and justified.

The doctor in this situation can either assign appropriate therapy, or come to a decision to make in due time a cesarean section. To identify the presence of warts is assigned to the atypical cells PAP testing or biopsy. The results of these treatments will tell you whether there is a need to remove warts.

To use antibiotics to suppress the activity of papillomavirus pregnant is not recommended. Doctors agree that if the warts do not cause too much physical discomfort or aesthetic plan, it is necessary to wait until the birth, and to deal with the removal of the growths after them. In that case, if they are formed in large quantities and requires the use of drugs, the treatment is carried out after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Can a pregnant remove a wart?

In the period of carrying a child there are restrictions on the use of some means to remove these growths. First and foremost, women need to pay attention to the prohibition on the use of Chelidonium or preparation "Supercrystal". It should be understood that this plant is poisonous and its use during pregnancy can harm the child. Prohibited to apply for the removal of warts liquid nitrogen.

If the growths do need to get rid of, remains several options: removal with laser or electrocoagulation, but without anesthesia, or the use of folk remedies. The latter include the growths with a bow, chalk or garlic. The simplest and harmless method for removal of warts with liquid vitamin "A". It can be used during pregnancy. It is justified if it caused a decrease in immunity, and growths are formed in large quantities.