Design features of PVC Windows

The plastic glass looks like a window box with sheets of glass in and the doors divided by a mullion. Inside the box is a hollow aluminum profile, is an adsorbent, which absorbs moisture. The window is moveable element is a flap that holds the glass, it is attached to the frame. The glass is fixed in the sash with glazing bead – a narrow plastic profile. Impost, as has been said, divides the window into several sections, both horizontally and vertically.

In the elements frame, the sash and of impost is a reinforcing metal profile. With internal and external side of the glass you can see the sealer is a special section made of rubber and designed to eliminate any cracks between the window sash and frame. No accessories to operate the plastic window is impossible. All kinds of straps, handles and loops allow you to easily open the window sash.

The number of cameras in the window profile can vary from 3 to 8. The more, the tightness window. The biggest camera placed in the center of the frame and equipped with a reinforcing insert of steel that provides the best fixing of profile. A window can have only one opening the sash, and maybe two or more. Each leaf has its own design of glass and profile. Blind folds are fixed with glazing beads.

Optional extra

The composition of the glass consists of two or three glasses with a thickness of about 4 mm. To provide the necessary strength between the glass routed aluminum or plastic frame. The necessary tightness glass and the whole structure provides a special formulation sealant, which handles its ends. At the bottom of the frame has holes for output of condensation water inside the glass. There are additional elements that are not included in the configuration Windows. We are talking about window sill, window profile, slopes, low tide and the inlet valve.

The sill is represented by a horizontal bar, fitted to the lower part of the window from the inside. Even at the stage of measurement takes into account the presence of a window opening of the radiator. In this case, in the plane of the window sill are long slits along the window, allowing the glass to warm air. Support profile facilitates the installation of the sill and low tide, slopes take on a decorative function, and the tide repels moisture entering the plane window during the rain.