Hyundai Getz – compact, manoeuvrable, simple and reliable car, enjoying a well-deserved love and popularity among car enthusiasts.

But in order to serve long and reliably, the car should take place every 15 000 km maintenance, which is necessarily included replacement of the engine oil.

If for any reason the oil change in the car is impossible to spend on specialized service stations, then to put off this procedure is not recommended, given the necessary supplies to change the oil by yourself.

All that you will need the owner Goetz is correctly chosen engine oil, oil filter, wrench set and possibly the Jack if there is no garage with an inspection pit or trestle.

The choice of oil and its consumption

Manufacturers of Hyundai Getz recommend the use of multigrade oil, grade SG or SH classification the American petroleum Institute. The viscosity grade of the oil will depend on the expected ambient temperature, different for all regions of the Russian Federation.

The consumption of oil change will depend on the selected schema replacement and engine size of the car:

- without replacing the oil filter, the oil consumption will be 2.8-3.0 liters;
- replacing oil filter the oil consumption will be 3.3-3.8 liters.

When you select a filter preference should be given to original parts, rather than cheaper counterparts: the original filters are most accurately meet the needs of both the motor and the properties of the oil.

Technology oil change

Oil change on Gotze is held in a pre-warmed engine – be careful when draining oil, because it is very hot!
Turning off the engine of the t having waited some time until the oil flows into the pan, you are ready to replace: if there is no inspection pit or trestle, the right front of the car must be lifted with a Jack.

Next, you need to remove the oil fill cap neck, remove the nut and drain plug to oil pan oil filter. Used oil should almost completely to merge into a prepared container.

For removing filter may need a special puller, removing the drain plugs easy to do with the help of a ring spanner 17.


After draining the waste oil, install the new filter, the nut is twisted. Preferably under the drain plug in the pan to install the special strip of thin metal – it prevents oil leaks and protects from the failure of the threads when loosening.
After these manipulations the engine parts is filled with fresh oil – with an interval of 5-10 minutes to fill the filter and the pan. The oil level and its topping are determined using a special probe.