Decide what kind of guitar you will learn to play. The six more popular, you will easily find both the instructor and the notes, and ciprovci. But seven-string has its advantages. However, a good teacher can only be found in a large city, and high-quality seven-string guitars found in stores extremely rare. As for the other types of guitars, including electric guitars, with them you will easily cope, having mastered the usual shestistrunnoi.
Six-string guitar are of two types – classical and Western. The first guitar is more versatile, you will be able to play any music. She's got a wide fretboard. As a rule, classical guitar put nylon strings that represents a particular convenience for the beginner – after the first exercise on the fingers are not formed bloody blisters, as after the game on metal. Western guitar for a beginner less convenient, she has a narrow fingerboard, and the strings are metallic.
Buying a guitar via the Internet to the beginner is not worth it. Visit the preferred store of musical instruments. Estimate how much you can spend. A good guitar doesn't have to be expensive, a convenient tool with good sound you will find among the relatively inexpensive production models.
Ask the seller to show you the guitar. Take her hands. Try to arrange the fingers of the left hand in several ways. Hold down the string on any fret, finger of the right hand to touch her. Quality guitar even in the hands of a novice is able to give a good sound, not deaf and not jarring, and the entire length of the string.
View the documentation. The passport must indicate what material is made the tool. Best of all, if it is wood, not plastic and not plywood. Among the plastic guitars can be found more or less successful models, but you need to look carefully. As for a plywood guitar, they are suitable for outdoor companies, and not for serious training.
Note the attachment of the fretboard. Good guitars the neck is not adjustable, it's attached tightly. At the same time check the distance from the fretboard to the strings. It should be no more than 0.5 cm Roll pins. They should spin freely, without jerks or slipping.
Despite the fact that the design in this case plays a secondary role, it after all too should pay attention. Do not have to buy fancy hand tools, all manner of inlay or tuning pegs made of precious metals. The guitar just needs to like you.