You will need
  • - to become a representative of Amway.
The world market Amway came out in 1959 with a single product – a multifunctional biodegradable detergent L. O. C. ™. Now the range of Amway products is huge. It includes a variety of products for beauty care body care hair, skin, face, mouth, detergents and home care, kitchenware and more.
If you want to use Amway products but to build your own business, become an independent owner of the company, to enter into an appropriate agreement. And then proceed to implement their plans. Remember: to succeed, you need to constantly work on yourself and set certain tasks, clearly correspond to the intended plan. In particular, it consists of several paragraphs, the implementation of which will allow you to achieve and become a successful entrepreneur.
In the first stage of building a business (and there are only three) correctly and clearly specify its purpose. To do this, answer the following questions: what is important to you in life, what are your plans for the future, how would you like to live? Then make a plan of action – describe the specific steps through which you will be able to achieve the desired result (this is the second stage of building a business in Amway). And then, follow the plan, performing basic steps of doing business. This become a wholly-owned consumer products company Amway. Recommend it to others and sell. Become a sponsor for other people – users of Amway products, build its structure. Serve customers and provide full support to its partners – members of the created group, teaching them what they know and can do for yourself. And get profit for your work.
Amway, like any other network company, it operates its own reward system. Each partner receives income from the total sales that made it and the lower ABO to its customers. Making money in Amway are several ways to get a difference of 30 percent from the sale of products to its customers (this is the first income partner), receive awards for their personal achievements – from 3 to 21 per cent of turnover (second income), due to the construction of their own structures and attracting new partners. All of these types of income can and should be combined and summarized.
To achieve results, regularly meeting with potential clients, analyze and identify the needs of the people. Show how the company's products, conduct product presentations, engage people and make transactions with them by becoming a sponsor. Remember, the more people you sign under yourself, the better you will teach them to work with clients, the greater will be their and, consequently, your income. Do not stop, continue to grow by attending seminars conducted by upline sponsors.