The polygraph, or lie detector, is a device that the heartbeat, increased respiration and reactions on the skin when answering questions can figure out the truth from a man or lying. When answers on a polygraph you need to answer "Yes" and "no", if necessary, giving an explanation for the device. The use of polygraphs at the moment I can afford a few companies and agencies, but the number of such organizations is constantly growing. That is why it can be useful to learn how to take the test on this unit so that your nervousness or confusion will not count for wanting to hide the truth.
If you have a polygraph test, remember: in any case, do not try to fool the polygraph. In movies, indeed, often shows how some clever criminals or even intelligence agents to easily circumvent the lie detector with the help of medicine, causing a small pain or breathing exercises. But really to outwit such a device is very difficult, and that's not even considering working on it specialist who will monitor your every move. Remember: attempting to cheat will be regarded as a sign of your guilt.
On the eve of the validation good night's sleep, response to questions was slow. In addition, it is not allowed to take drugs to slow down or speed up the reaction of thinking and the flow of other processes in the body. So before checking you can not drink alcohol, psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers. Such means may influence responses, distort them, to show the truth when measuring your reactions. So taking these medicines or alcohol may be regarded as an obstacle to testing and, therefore, be considered a sign of guilt of the subject.
Before the test you will need to sign a consent for testing, otherwise it will be considered invalid. In addition, it should be known a circle of questions a person will have to answer. Questions can deal with the details of career or life, personal qualities, details of the past. Usually asked questions about involvement in crimes, cheating, violence, etc. Questions on the polygraph does not have to figure out your orientation, attitude to religion or politics.
The procedure of a polygraph examination are not hazardous to health, it should not hurt the psyche or to cause a person to experience stress. During testing the room, in addition specialist serving the polygraph and asking questions, may be the employer or a representative of the law, the lawyer or the translator, depending on the institution where you go through a test.