Preparation of the solution for gargling

If you feel burning or sore throat, it was painful to swallow food and water, it means that the inflammatory process has already begun. Unless urgent action is taken, these symptoms may develop into more serious disease, to get rid of that will be more difficult. Sea salt for pain in the throat allows you to relieve swelling and remove harmful bacteria.

Buy sea salt at any pharmacy. You will also need warm water. Adults can use unboiled water, but to children it is better to boil and cool to a temperature of 35 to 37 o C. One glass of warm water will need a teaspoon of sea salt. It is important to carefully stir so the salt has dissolved completely.

If sea salt is no ordinary cookbook, but better if it is iodized. Iodine, included in its composition, allows for faster remove inflammation. When using plain (non-iodized) salt recipe solution preparation can be somewhat modified. To do this, take common salt and soda to ½ teaspoon. Stir everything, then add three drops of iodine. The ingredients listed in a glass of water.

Gargling sea salt requires knowledge of the technique of this procedure to achieve maximum effect. Gargle several times a day. A new solution is prepared directly before rinsing, in any case do not keep it until the next use. Start rinsing can be at least 30 minutes before a meal. Wait about half an hour, do not eat or drink after the procedure. In General, gargling takes no more than 3-5 minutes.


Type in your mouth a little more prepared solution. After that, bend your head and drawl, say "y". Thus, the better solution will wash out sections of the larynx. Gargle should be 15-25 seconds. Then spit and repeat the process again. To avoid choking, do not throw back his head too far.

The sea salt solution for gargling is very useful in angina. After a course of such procedures 2-3 days, you will notice significant relief. It will be easier to swallow, the pain will be. But if no improvement occurs after 2 days of rinsing, definitely contact your doctor to prescribed medications.

Do not underestimate a sore throat, because it can develop into a serious disease. Before using sea salt, be sure you have no allergic reactions to this product, otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences.