You will need
  • paper for cigarettes;
  • - tobacco;
  • filter;
  • - machine for rolling cigarettes.
Cigarette manufacturer manually.Take in one hand and a small strip of special paper, coated one side with glue, and the other – a pinch of tobacco. The region to which the adhesive is applied, must be clearly visible and turned up.
Index finger spread the tobacco over the paper, holding it down with your thumb. Put the filter. After that, take the paper with the Smoking mix and start spinning. To do this, hold the joint on the index finger and spin it with your thumbs.
The consistency of the Smoking mixture will gradually thicken. When Smoking the mixture will acquire a dense, smooth and homogeneous consistency, with your thumbs push one edge of the cigarette and wrap the remaining piece around the joint, then wet and stick it. At the end remove any excess tobacco from both sides of the cigarette.
Cigarette manufacturer using a special machine.Take the machine in hand so that the frame is opened to you. Then open it put it in a corner filter and poured the right amount of tobacco, spread it evenly. Then close the frame and using your thumbs begin to turn the roller down to give tobacco the form.
Next, take the paper and place it in the machine so that the adhesive strip was upstairs and was situated face to you. Thumbs twist the front roller and the rear, using one finger up. Need to twist as long as the visible will be only the adhesive strip. Wet it and spin the rollers, so that the cigarette stuck together. Then open the frame and remove the finished cigarette.