Advice 1: How to tighten the cigarette

Cigarettes, twisted or as they are called – cigarettes occupy a special place among the tobacco products. This is because they are cheaper than factory cigarettes enable the smoker to experiment by combining different grades of tobacco. To make a cigarette by yourself, you need to have patience, because the dexterity in this matter comes with time. There are two methods of manufacture of cigarettes manually with a special machine.
How to tighten the cigarette
You will need
  • paper for cigarettes;
  • - tobacco;
  • filter;
  • - machine for rolling cigarettes.
Cigarette manufacturer manually.Take in one hand and a small strip of special paper, coated one side with glue, and the other – a pinch of tobacco. The region to which the adhesive is applied, must be clearly visible and turned up.
Index finger spread the tobacco over the paper, holding it down with your thumb. Put the filter. After that, take the paper with the Smoking mix and start spinning. To do this, hold the joint on the index finger and spin it with your thumbs.
The consistency of the Smoking mixture will gradually thicken. When Smoking the mixture will acquire a dense, smooth and homogeneous consistency, with your thumbs push one edge of the cigarette and wrap the remaining piece around the joint, then wet and stick it. At the end remove any excess tobacco from both sides of the cigarette.
Cigarette manufacturer using a special machine.Take the machine in hand so that the frame is opened to you. Then open it put it in a corner filter and poured the right amount of tobacco, spread it evenly. Then close the frame and using your thumbs begin to turn the roller down to give tobacco the form.
Next, take the paper and place it in the machine so that the adhesive strip was upstairs and was situated face to you. Thumbs twist the front roller and the rear, using one finger up. Need to twist as long as the visible will be only the adhesive strip. Wet it and spin the rollers, so that the cigarette stuck together. Then open the frame and remove the finished cigarette.
Useful advice
For the manufacture of cigarettes it is better to take the paper in a wheat or rice-based, the thinner it will be – the better.

Choosing components to cigarettes that are not worth saving, because cheap raw materials, in most cases, is poor quality.

Before you start spinning the cigarette, it is recommended to put the filter. This will help to save forces and time.

Advice 2: Harmful than menthol cigarettes

If you hope faster to quit Smoking you switched from regular cigarettes to menthol, made a serious mistake. Soft and a nice chill, which is formed in the mouth during Smoking – just a bold disguise.
Harmful than menthol cigarettes

By itself, the habit of Smoking a flavored cigarette performs rather an aesthetic function. Light minty smell is not so Intrusive as "pure" tobacco smoke, and do menthol cigarettes tend to have a more elegant appearance than ordinary cigarette with the yellow filter. Long slim cigarette, light menthol mist around along with beautiful way in the movie since the beginning of the last century have become associated with an atmosphere of mystery and romance.

Menthol cigarette smokers, both women and men, but representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in force imposed on a screen of stereotypes and aesthetics of Smoking often prefer fragrant smoke. And I must say, a great risk. For menthol chill is hiding the same tobacco as in a cigarette. Before you get in the pack, it was dried and treated with ammonia, carbon dioxide, ammonium, alkaloids, nitrogen.

Interestingly, in the "stuffing" menthol cigarettes have no place in natural mint. Where then there is a pleasant taste of freshness while Smoking? The fact that the manufacturing process of menthol impregnated paper only. But breathing in the fragrant smoke, the smoker doesn't notice, which makes more deep drags and smokes far more cigarettes per day. This is because menthol is a kind of anesthesia for mucous tissue, so the process of inhalation is "cool" smoke becomes much easier.

Thus, the harmful effects of toxins and tar deposited in the respiratory tract during Smoking menthol cigarettes increases several times. It is scientifically proven that the risk of fatal diseases of the cardiovascular system in "menthol" smokers increases at least two times compared to those who choose regular cigarettes. In addition, to quit Smoking flavored cigarettes is much more difficult, and among those who did, half the people going back to harmful menthol again.

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