You will need
  • Lemon juice, vinegar, horseradish, oil of rosemary;
  • - cucumber;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - yogurt, white clay;
  • - a decoction of rose hips, oatmeal;
  • - a series.
Contact a beauty salon. You can get safe procedures for removing age spots:- laser treatment is a very expensive procedure, has no contraindications and allows for 1-3 months to completely get rid of age spots;- cryotherapy – treatment of skin with excessive pigmentation substances freeze for a while. As a result of the procedure, the skin in the treated areas may lose the ability to produce pigment;- dermabrasion is the "sanding" of the skin with a brush at high speed that may cause temporary redness and peeling of the treated area;- chemical peeling – a gradual lightening of age spots with chemicals, is done only under the supervision of a cosmetologist specially prepared solution.
Try to lighten pigment spots in the home. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice and vinegar, teaspoonful of horseradish and 3 drops of rosemary oil. Apply the mixture daily with a cotton pad on a pigmented skin.
Wipe daily to pigment spots with lemon juice. If you have sensitive skin you can prepare a water solution of lemon juice 100 g water and 10 g of lemon juice. Use the solution as a toner.
Use cosmetic bleaching creams and masks are selected in accordance with skin type and sensitivity.
Grate the cucumber on a grater and make a cucumber mask or wipe daily pigment place sliced cucumber.
Mask with yogurt or sour yogurt gradually lighten and refresh the skin. If possible, add the yogurt white clay – this will improve the effect.
In two tablespoons of a strong decoction of rose hips boil one spoonful of oatmeal, in the form of heat apply on the skin.
Good effect is given a bath with a succession, if the pigment spots appeared on the body.
Persistent and rapid results gives the use of external bleaching agents in combination with taking a multivitamin and means governing the functioning of the liver.