Note that the causes of heartburn, as the development of the baby, changing. The main factor is the weakening of muscle tone of the esophagus due to physiological and hormonal changes in the pregnant body. The esophagus of a person protected by a valve, which after getting the food inside is closed. As the muscles of the esophagus and the valve in the future mother is weakened, the content that enters the stomach at different factors, can be ejected back into the esophagus that leads to heartburn.
With the development and growth of the unborn baby the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon is changing. Early in the first trimester the pace of the expectant mother is very dynamic. It is not yet fully understood and weighed their situation and therefore did not have time to change their habits. Often the number of meals per day one or two, the rest of the snacks. Not the right food, fried, spicy, smoked and savoury meals – it leads not only to the appearance of heartburn, and nausea. In the first trimester change your diet eating. Try to eat the food prepared on pair. Do not eat at night and not tell. Eliminate from your diet sodas and drinks.
Entering the rate of pregnant women in the second trimester of your food portions increase. You eating for two, baby is growing, and growing appetite and the expectant mother. Overeating is the cause of bad behavior of the stomach. Food in large volume does not have time to digest. Their daily ration split into 5-6 meals. Eat more often but less. If the problem of heartburn is acute, consult a doctor. Let him prescribe a light drugs. Folk remedies, extinguishing burning, you can use it, they won't hurt the baby
In the last trimester cause burning sensation in the chest and the appearance of a sour taste in your mouth is kid. He is already grown up. In the last months the baby is in the pelvic part of the body. The location of his buttocks down. This arrangement contributes to the pressure head on the diaphragm as a consequence of heartburn. If you have a large baby, such pressure will be even stronger, but if you have twins or triplets, the unpleasant sensation of heartburn you will often alarming. Drugs prescribed by your doctor to help cope with illness. Do not forget about proper nutrition.
And at all stages of pregnancy cause of heartburn can be a psychological factor. For nervous congestion occurs spasm, which affects the movement of food. Nervous condition for mothers is contraindicated altogether. So it is better to avoid stress and neuroses.