You will need
  • - Olive oil;
  • - med;
  • - natural yogurt;
  • - fresh lemon juice;
  • capsules of vitamin E;
  • cosmetic wax;
  • - a strip of cloth.
Perform daily massage on the forehead from the wrinkles. To start, remove facial makeup and dirt, wash with warm water with a mild detergent. Moisten the finger tips into the hot olive oil and start to massage. The movement should be soft. Take fingers of both hands ten horizontal and gentle movements from the center of forehead to temples. Stop for a few seconds at the temples. Then repeat five to seven times the following motion: both hands, draw on each half of the forehead at the four units.
Not taking from the skin of the fingers, draw on each side of the forehead two vertical eights. Then draw two horizontal eights, holding the skin of forehead free fingers. Each movement should be repeated five to seven times. Go to the bridge of the nose. Nameless and middle fingers put between the eyebrows, smooth the eyebrows upwards along the vertical wrinkles. Next, draw a line through each corrugation is small strokes in the direction of the eyebrows.
Heading from the centre to the temples, eyebrows semipelite thumb and forefinger. Repeat four times. Then within two minutes, perform a weak tapping with the fingertips on the forehead. Finish the massage session with the following motion: move the left hand across the forehead from left to right, right – right-to-left (repeat three times).
To smooth wrinkles on the forehead, use the following folk recipe of the mask. Mix one teaspoon of honey, natural yogurt and fresh lemon juice. Add to the resulting mass of the contents of three capsules of vitamin E into the oil, mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture. With a brush or cotton ball, apply the prepared mask on forehead leave it on for ten minutes. After the time rinse with cool water. It is recommended to use this homemade mask two to three times a week.
If you need to smooth out facial wrinkles, for example, before an important event or holiday, use the paraffin mask. For this you need a cosmetic wax, melt it in a water bath, swirl it a strip of cloth. Apply it on forehead, previously greased with olive oil. When fully cured, remove the wax. Mimic wrinkles are visibly smoothed.