The most reliable way to increase the bathroom space is to install it equipment and devices of translucent materials. For example, the translucent Cabinet is much less bulky than its color counterpart.
Warm colors are endowed with the ability to reduce the space, and light, on the contrary, increase. If you own a small bathroom, then in any case, do not use it heavy furniture of dark colors. The most acceptable are pastel and cool shades. Also keep in mind that cool colors such as blue, green or grey, to visually separate things, while warm yellow, red, peach, orange make them closer. This makes it easy to mask the slight design defects, for example, dark and delicate shades of the ceiling or walls can help hide the wiring.
To increase bathroom space, you can put on the wall ornament of glazed tiles in the form of horizontal stripes. The width of strips should not exceed the width of one tile. Do not use a large tile, the less tiles the better. Visually the space will seem larger if you use the bathroom tile a few different shades. Also do not be carried away large patterns and a material with a pronounced texture, this will make the room even smaller.
In the bathroom with a low ceiling will look great in vertical stripes, visually pull the room. The effect of increasing the space can be achieved by using illusionistic painting, because it creates the impression of depth. However, it is better to entrust this problem to professionals, because all the colors and patterns must be chosen very carefully. Unprofessional, inept application of various hues can lead to the opposite result.
Small bathroom involves a well-planned lighting. Some types of lighting can create the effect of a tapered space that optically reduce room. It is best to make several types of lighting that can be turned on separately to perform different functions. The brightest light is needed near the sink, and it should not be aimed at eyes, but at the same time to illuminate the face.
A great way to visually increase the space of the bathroom are mirrors, their various combinations will help expand and lengthen the room. A narrow room will seem more spacious if you set them on the long wall parallel to each other. With the help of movable mirrors to cover up the shelves to store a variety of cosmetics and toiletries. Using mirrors, keep in mind that the various items left outside of lockers and shelves through this, it will create a sense of clutter. This will visually make the room smaller.