While caring for your hair you need to individually select one or the other cleanser. In many respects the choice depends on the type of your hair. It is often impossible to determine accurately the first time. In most cases, to do it right, you need to consult a specialist. Also, selecting a shampoo, it is important to be able to use it a variety of skin care products: balms, serums, masks.
Among men long ago there was a stereotype that hair get used to the different detergents. In fact, this can not be in principle. Hair can become more dim, their structure may change, the ends will split, the color will be faded. Many will begin to look for the cause in a bad shampoo. However, this is not to blame cosmetics. For the most part guilty of your body. In most cases, such changes have for the fall and spring, when there is a deficiency. The body lacks vitamins and it affects the hair. Such drastic changes with your hair can be caused by malfunctions in the hormonal background.
The reason for the change of shampoo can be a hair coloring. If before you could use shampoo for normal or greasy hair, now you have to switch to shampoo for colored or dry hair. At this time, it is also recommended to apply a balanced variety of masks, mousses, which have a refreshing effect.
Not a long time to use the shampoo for the solution of any one problem. Suppose that your hair has no volume. You buy special shampoo and achieve the desired effect. After you begin daily to wash my hair with this shampoo. Actually – it's not right. Having effect, continue to use regular shampoo for normal hair. Only then will you be able to save the old effect. It is in such cases is addictive.
Often professional hairdressers offer to have a home at least five types of shampoos: for normal hair, for oily hair, for dry hair, dandruff, shampoo with a revitalizing effect. This set will allow you to quickly exit any unclear situation concerning your hair. If you have already found your ideal shampoo, don't hurry to change it. Excess experiments on hairs can cause dandruff and the change of the hair structure.