The best "communication" with sauna — moderation, for excess is usually followed by trouble of a different sort. This is the formula for success, applicable to a considerable amount of human passions, and sauna (or bath — whichever you prefer) this applies in the first place.

The negative impact of sauna on the body

Like any steam where the ambient temperature exceeds 60 ° C, the sauna is a source of stress for the hair, skin, and respiratory and cardiovascular systems, joints, reproductive and other organ systems. To say unequivocally that this stress is only harmful — so not notice a positive change in the body observed even after a single visit saunas, and especially after periodic stay in its depths. And yet the recommendations of smart people about the need to consult with the doctors before the planned intensification and increased frequency of bath treatments is not accidental.

For example, frequent visits to the hot steam sauna reduce male reproductive function (not to be confused with potency), the risk of male infertility. After a short period may significantly worsen the quality of sperm, the negative influence of high temperature test and the cells that produce sperm. It is believed that healthy and very young men without much harm to themselves can look hot in a sauna about once every 3 months, after 30 years of relaxing in too "hot" baths need even less.

The positive effect of sauna

Hot water and air that affect the human skin by prolonged exposure to a negative effect, for short periods, alternating with exposure to low temperature factors, stimulate to regenerate. The beneficial effects of the heat of the sauna causes the extension close to the skin surface blood vessels to relax the subcutaneous muscles, opens the pores and cleans grease, sweat, and various pollutants.

Regular visits to the sauna hardened cardiovascular system, toning and training her. Prevention of respiratory diseases, strengthen the immune system, improved breathing with a cold, coughing is expected and the effect of bath procedures.

Recommended "sauna dosage"

Once a week is the optimal number of visits to the sauna. More frequent visits to her, with rare exceptions, will not bring benefits. If you really love the sauna too large and rational arguments do not work on "body talk", decrease maximum temperature and time of stay.

Often the sauna is not only an act of cleansing, washing and a meeting place with friends or girlfriends, like-minded people, something familiar and pleasant ritual. In addition, the influence of numerous factors — from the heat to the hot broom and other attributes of this sauna — leaving a human body in a state of complete satisfaction. Most of the lovers of light steam more than 1 time a week to the sauna and to go you do not want. If only because, in order not to lose the beauty of the sensations due to too frequent repetition.