Send a formal request to the regional State archive of the Voronezh region to the address: Voronezh, St. Plekhanov, D. 7. Specify in the request your full name, passport details and contact information (address, phone). Don't forget to outline the content of the communication and to indicate possible lines of execution order by the clerk. Request you can submit and email at: Website archive:
If you too are in the Voronezh, call into the Manager of the archive room: 255-06-78 in order to know the working hours of the institution. But in any case, consideration of references of citizens is carried out only once a week. Therefore, during a telephone conversation with the Secretary of the archives, find out how you can sign up for a personal appointment with the Director or consultants, depending on the degree of confidentiality of your treatment.
Contact the regional address-information Bureau of the Voronezh region, located to the address: Voronezh, St. Ordzhonikidze, 36 and leave the application on the search for this person. If he agrees to meet with you, such information you will be soon granted. To know the work of the Bureau and additional information regarding submitting, you can by calling: 255-75-00.
Visit the page where are all the ' sites of Voronezh, where you can post free and paid ads. Visit one of these portals, and under the heading "Looking for man", "Search", "Miscellaneous", etc. place your ad.
Visit the page containing a continuously updated database of Voronezh sites. It is possible that one of them you will be able to learn something new about that person or chat on the forum and find out how and where to find it