The sweet berries has a black currant variety "Student", "Bagheera" and "Nina". They contain approximately 11% sugars. Black currant berries of these varieties are referred to dessert. They can be eaten fresh, they have a pleasant sweet-sour taste and bright flavor.
The sort of "Student" is quite resistant to spring frosts, very vigorous and spreading. Berries of medium size and from one Bush can collect up to 4.5 kg. "Bagira" - variety is winter hardy, medium-term maturity. The average size of the Bush, but the berries are large, reaching 1.5 g Grade Nina - Altai breeding. The berries of this currant of medium size, have a sweet, slightly sour taste. A wonderful taste of the black currant varieties "Altai dessert". Brush on the Bush long with large, shiny berries.
Many varieties of black currants are great for making jam. So fragrant, sweet, but sour fruit varieties "Dove", "Effect" and "Charmer" make a wonderful jam, marmalade and jam.
The best varieties of red currants are considered "viksne", "Dutch red", "Radiant" and many others. The berries of the red currant cultivar "viksne" medium size (about 0.8 g) rich cherry color. The berry flavor is very delicate, refreshing and sweet and sour.
Despite its name, the sort of "Dutch red" was bred in France in the XVII century, in our country it is cultivated with the 40-ies of the last century. The berries of this variety are more acidic and tart than the "viksne". They make a wonderful juice and jelly.
"Radiant" is a very productive variety of red currant medium-term maturity. Berries large, valued for its high content of vitamin C. Of these, prepare aromatic tinctures, jellies, jelly, syrup, jam and so on.
White currants are not so common garden plots in our country, and yet she has a tender, sour-sweet taste and extraordinary yellowish creamy translucent color.
The best white currant cultivars are "White fairy", "White Potapenko", "Bel". The sort of "White fairy" has a second name - "Diamond." The berries are translucent and very tasty. Variety of yield from one Bush can collect up to 5 kg of berries.
White currant varieties "White Potapenko" Matures very amicably and early. However, the berries do not crumble a long with Bush, and with one plant you can collect up to 7 kg of delicious fruit.
"Bel" is the best grade of white currant not only in taste but also in terms of yield. Semi-spreading shrub, with a single plant you can collect 10-12 kg excellent berries with a refreshing sweet-sour taste and pleasant aroma.
"Dutch white" as well as "Dutch red," the old European variety, but still has not lost relevance and popular among gardeners. The berries are medium in size and have a wonderful aroma and delicate taste.