Fourteen is a difficult age. Your child have been raging hormones. At this age, teenagers are not children but not yet adults independent people. But right now they are trying by all means to show their maturity. So with the choice of script, locations, menus and other attributes of the holiday will be quite difficult to please.

Script birthday

At age 14, the teenagers consider themselves adults, and parents, the elderly. No need to come to the party clowns and magicians. It all seems teenagers childish prattle, which is not worthy of attention "adult".

At the birthday party of your child will be his friends, most of his class or an additional section. At this age it is very important to make the right impression on friends. To please a teenager with entertainment – so, to please his friends. The more enthusiastic exclamations and glances, the udovletvorenii your holiday will remain your child.

He knows best, the interests of the company. Therefore, composing the script of the holiday, you need to ask the birthday boy what he wants to see and hear at your celebration.


A place that will host the occasion, is of great importance. From the choice of location depends on the holiday program. The first place that arises, is the house. Only your child probably won't want an important date to celebrate at home under your strict supervision.

If funds allow, you can send teenagers to the entertainment centre. In any similar centre has a cafe. You can rent it for a couple of hours that children satisfy hunger. And you can just negotiate with the cafe Manager, so they ordered everything that I want. You then just pay the bill.

You can send the kids to the water Park or to a roller rink, bowling alley or on the tennis court. It all depends on what motivates your child.

If the child's birthday happened in the summer, the perfect place to celebrate – the Bank of the river, lakes or the sea, depending on where you live.

In nature it is possible to arrange the children on an adventure. In advance choose a picnic area. Prepare around various obstacles in the form of fallen logs and rope bridges. Install guidelines. They can be these obstacles, scratches on trees, terrain features. Map it is the area with landmarks. And in place of X "bury" the treasure. Treasure can serve as your gift. This adventure will appeal to any teenager.

Festive menu

Menu depends on the location and scenario of the holiday. In a cafe it may be French fries, burgers, light salads, chips and other fast food. If a holiday occurs in nature, it definitely will be a barbecue, the same salad, maybe chips. Holiday at home suggests the presence of snacks, hot and sweet.

Wherever the holiday, allow your child to choose a range of dishes. It is best not to overload children's stomachs abundant food. Serve sandwiches and canapes, a La carte pastries and sweets for dessert. The cake should be to the birthday boy blew out the candles, but not too fatty and high in calories. It is best to apply yogurt dessert.

About alcohol, parents should decide for themselves. Every family has its own rules, and the question is quite delicate. If Teens decide to try alcohol, they will not stop the ban. So you need to talk to the birthday boy and the parents of friends.