You will need
  • - Mint leaves;
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - boric alcohol;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - inula;
  • - cosmetic discs;
  • - tar soap;
  • salicylic alcohol;
  • - propolis tincture;
  • - tablet "Trichopolum".
To get rid of acne, it is recommended to use homemade lotion. For its preparation you will need a tablespoon of fresh mint leaves, wash them and pour half Cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for fifteen minutes. Then strain the infusion through cheesecloth, wring out the mint leaves. Add one tablespoon of tincture of calendula and boric alcohol, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Stir, pour into a suitable bottle, with a prepared lotion locations of pimples (you can briefly attach to a problem location cosmetic soaked in the lotion).
The herb elecampane is considered a good remedy for pimples. It can collect and dry yourself, or purchased at the pharmacy. Pour a tablespoon of elecampane Cup of boiling water, cover and let completely cool the infusion, strain. Now moisten a cotton swab or cosmetic disc in the resulting means and apply to the trouble areas. It is recommended to keep the compress for thirty minutes (no more than once per day). After that lubricate the skin moisturizer (after the procedure can begin peeling of the skin). The pimple will quickly dry up and pass.
Coal-tar soap is a simple and quite effective remedy for acne and other inflammations on the skin. The secret is in the birch tar that is part of the soap. The disinfectant properties of tar turned this soap into a natural antiseptic. Wash them two or three times a day. Because of this, from the pimple in a short time will not remain and a trace. Even beauticians have great respect for the tar soap, and recommend it to their patients as a simple folk cure for skin rash. Use it to prevent acne.
The following recipe is worthy of special attention. Mix equal proportions of salicyl alcohol and propolis tincture. Add a tablet "Trichopolum", pre-powdered. Mix thoroughly, moisten a cotton pad and apply to the inflamed pimple, leave a compress on the night. Note that this means very dry skin, so it may be peeling. If you have a face full of pimples, then you should wipe the entire face in the morning after washing. Repeat this procedure until until the pimple is not fully take place.