To find their understanding of the meaning of "Mulholland Drive"

Versions of what is the meaning of the film, there are several, or rather, their infinite number, as the Director leaves room for imagination, presenting the action of the mystical, the paranormal, where the characters exist in parallel worlds: the real and the desired. In a world of phantasm and fiction sink, to hide from the cruel truth, of dashed hopes, not developed relations.

Having seen the movie once, the audience will identify themselves as the army of admirers of his genre of mysticism, or a single indifferent. The first will view the painting at least once or many, and each new viewing will reveal the meaning on the other side.

Meaning a Director

One of the versions about the story: in the real world, Camilla and Diana mistress, actress. After Camille's infidelity with Director Diana out of jealousy ordered to kill her. But is killed in a car accident herself Diana, and money for the killer Camille runs away. Then begins the mystery: there are Rita and Betty – they are a figment of someone's delusional dream. These characters feel remorse, fears for their actions, or from the imminent threat. In the mystical world there are symbolic characters, space (garbage dump), objects (blue key and blue box), and once the mystic becomes conscious. Love, revenge, greed syndicate, the killers – all mixed up in history. A lot of mysteries that have no answer.

The second way of unraveling the meaning of the film: the main character here, Ruth. It can be seen only once, before the credits: it is breathable under the red blanket the red-haired woman. She's a successful Hollywood actress, who according to the official version died leaving a sum of money to niece". The subsequent narrative – two levels of the life and death of Ruth. First as a reminder of the real, the second is fantastic, that is the story of Betty is Diane.

You can find the meaning of the film is that the Director shows all the complexity of human relationships, choosing for example, unconventional love, jealousy, promises to murder and the justice of retribution. Secrets of the past relentlessly follow Rita has lost her memory and trying to understand who she really is, who were the two men in the car who died in a car accident where Rita remained alive and with a large sum of money. In the life of Rita appears aspiring actress Betty...

The legendary David Lynch as to the meaning of his work chose to remain silent. But he gave 10 tips for the viewer. Carefully following them, perhaps everyone will find the meaning of the film.