Why we registered in the social networks

Experts believe that in social networks "crash" most people, insecure, suffering from complexes, such as the "inferiority complex" their appearance, or they lack attention in real life. And in social networks, few people know who you really are, because if you have a rich imagination, you can put the hero-lover, macho or just superumnym genius. And depending on how smartly you're going to represent on the page, you will believe or not believe.

Of course, among the causes of "hangs" in the network to be just a communication, for example with a classmate who lives in another city, in another country. And this, of course, a huge benefit of social networks. But is it confined to only in my life such a fellowship? Is it worth it to replace real friends, real feelings – the virtual acquaintances and experiences?

The issues actually is not idle. More and more of our friends prefer to stay in social networks and virtual world communication real. Imagine something like the announcement Left in contact, will return soon"...

Addiction social networking

1. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing in your head constantly comes an obsessive desire to see incoming messages even if you are convinced that you no must not write. And yet...

2. Most of your free time you spend at the monitor, namely in social networks, each time promise myself that I went there just for 5 minutes. But those 5 minutes can last Oh how long, sometimes notice with horror what ...half a day.

3. When you once again photographed, the first thing that comes to your mind – renew "ava", will be placed in a photo album in touch.

4. The constant desire to change their status, to discuss their problems and various topics in networks with local friends. There is an obvious substitution of real relations virtual.

5. Now your cell phone gathering dust at home under a thick layer of dust. You simply write a message in the network.

6. Have you forgotten how to look your best friend, what can we say about friends.

7. OOO, these apps! You think: better to spend time playing. And, making excuses to his wife, vainly calling you to walk with your family that you just like the design of this toy, so you're stuck in it. And in fact, you simply "overarching" pass as many levels of the game and improve your rating within the application.

8. You become irritated, you feel that your life is over, if you for whatever reason can't get to your page. This is called dependence.

Familiar? Do you know yourself?! Or you there is only a couple of the following symptoms? It's time to sound the alarm!!!!!

Ways of dealing with addiction-social networking

More chat with your friends! IN REALITY!

Do social network can replace the live chat?! No, of course, much more pleasant to meet friends, say, somewhere in a café and really to discuss the latest news. At the same time to wear some nice clothes, do your hair.

I make it a rule to go out every night. Visit the theaters, museums, go to a movie. Call with your friends. For you to be a pleasant surprise to see how many people missed you!

Remember what a telephone is

Call your best friend, share the news. And you'll see how great it is to really communicate and what positive emotions you will charge live chat. When you do this, you will delay from the monitor.

Limit the time spent in the network

You can install on your PC time frame. Free time is better spend on something useful. Surely you have accumulated a lot of unfinished business that you've been putting off, with 5 minutes to his networks page.

Get some exercise

Find yourself some hobby. For example, join a sports club, buy a subscription, for example, in the pool. Do not forget that exercising will not only help to maintain the excellent physical shape, but also to be always in a good mood.

Read the book

Replace reading news in contact with some good book. You will get pleasure from good reading and will add to knowledge. Isn't it wonderful?!

No, of course we do not encourage you to forget what a social network. But try to give them much less time. And you'll see how to change your life, and likely for the better. Good luck!