Strollers for children vary specifications, material and size and firms – manufacturers. To call popular and in demand it is possible some firms of baby strollers, which are manufactured in Europe and beyond.

European brands

Europe is actively engaged in the production of various children's products. It is worth saying that the quality of the products, most of them, following a serious Commission. We can note the following popular brands: "Emmaljunga", "Teutonia", "Inglesina", "Peg-Perego". Let us consider each separately.

- "Emmaljunga" is a Swedish brand that has several production plants for the production of children's products. Outlet stores can be found only in a few neighbouring countries Sweden. One drawback - the cost.

- "Teutonia" is a German manufacturer that not only produces buggies, but also creates projects for other brands. Design centre of the brand can boast of highly qualified specialists, which, of course, have no equal in this craft. Wear those babies knows no bounds.

- "Inglesina", "Peg-Perego" are two Italian companies that, despite the relatively small production workshops, almost simultaneously announced itself on the world market of goods for children. It should be noted that these products not only meet all the requirements, norms and standards but are more accessible than the products of the above two brands.

- It is possible to note as the Spanish firm "Jane". It is quite small in size, but the products of this brand has extraordinary reliability and maneuverability. This is the perfect choice for parents who prefer an active lifestyle.

American brand

The firms of strollers, which are manufactured in the USA, diverse and have a number of interesting characteristics. Most high-quality, affordable and durable include the following brands:

- "Geoby" is an expensive American brand, which is more emphasis on style and design products, rather than on its quality.

- "Graco" – the manufacturer of fine carriages, which will suit even the most demanding parents with a discerning sense of taste.

Thus, the question of what brand of stroller is better to answer on the basis of financial capabilities and lifestyle. Some brands prefer to focus on quality, and some on beauty and design. In some all the positive features collected together, but it is necessary to be prepared for major expenses in this case.