Coffee – the favorite drink of most of the population of the planet. It is very invigorating in the morning, makes you feel in good shape for the day, has an alluring aroma and a wonderful taste. The combination of the best qualities of this drink makes many people literally sticking from it. People drink coffee every morning, feel uncomfortable without it, until the feeling of weakness, of lack of health. There are even true coffee lovers, for whom life without the drink, just not life.

Historical facts

Already many people know that frequent consumption of coffee affects the heart, the color of teeth and skin, but few know whether coffee is bad for your liver or any other organs in the human body. The opinions of doctors about the damage to this refreshing drink for the liver sold out, but some of them are still worth mentioning attention.

Known liver disease, particularly hepatitis, are very dangerous and fraught with serious complications. For people with liver disease, in addition to medical treatment, have long been used special diet coffee. This diet from Dr. M. Pevzner is now a classic. It was believed that a bad liver can't metabolize caffeine during treatment.

Already in the mid 20th century has gone sharply negative attitude to this drink, and even for hepatitis and cholecystitis it began to allow to drink in small doses, but always with milk. In the years that followed, the attitude to drink has just changed dramatically, and instead, to prove the dangers of coffee, experts have argued that it is very useful for even prevention of liver cirrhosis.

Opinions of scientists

Today, many doctors believe coffee is a very useful product, especially for people predisposed to diseases of the liver. Scientific studies in recent years have shown that caffeine has beneficial effects on the body in a way that reduces the amount of substances that cause the risk of hepatitis and any other liver diseases.

Scientists have found that coffee for the liver may be useful in the case if you eat natural whole – grain beverage with every Cup quantity of dangerous substances in the body will decrease. Dangerous elements that can cause diseases is alanine and an aliphatic amino acid and serum aminotransferases.

Doctors believe that coffee, and its main ingredient caffeine blocks a receptor that is associated with the serum aminotransferase, which is why the body becomes less vulnerable to hepatitis C. All of the above suggests that coffee is more helpful to the liver than harmful.