If a sore tailbone, it is necessary to pass the examination, aimed at identifying the causes of discomfort. The lack of timely treatment can seriously aggravate the condition.

Why there is pain in the coccyx.

Prolonged spasm of the muscle causes the development of secondary structural changes in muscles and ligaments. They shorten and thicken. This leads to the tension of the tissues in the region of the coccyx and painful syndrome.

Depending on the presence of pathology of pain in the coccyx varies in intensity and character. That diagnosis was correct, you need to describe to the doctor pain as accurately as possible.

What reasons provoke the pain in the coccyx.

Often, a sore tailbone in the presence of cysts of the spine and osteochondrosis. In this case, the pain is also in the sacrum and lumbar region. As a rule, patients complain of pain in the back, which give to the coccyx.

This symptoms are typical for infringement of nerve endings in the sacral and lumbar spine. But we should not forget that a similar clinical picture is accompanied by diseases such as hemorrhoids and violation of the functionality of the rectum.

If the pain occurs when a person stands up, it is not excluded that as a result of surgical treatment he had developed adhesions in the pelvic area or scarring in the perineum. When a painful sensation in the torso, the probability of development of chronic inflammatory process in the bladder, intestines or uterus.

Severe pain in the coccyx may occur in the sitting position. Usually, this symptom is triggered by habit of the person sitting on upholstered furniture. This habit causes congestion in the blood vessels due to malposition of the organ. In the vertebrae belonging to the coccyx, deposited salt.

This clinical picture often occurs in athletes involved in Cycling or horse riding. To pain cause microscopic injuries. In addition, pain in the coccyx while sitting is observed in women who received the deformation of the body from childbirth and people with a dermoid cyst. Nagging pain occurs in men in inflammatory process, damaging of internal genitals.

Causes of pain in the coccyx, are very diverse. Therefore, to detect the disease and conduct treatment, the optimal methods can only be experienced doctor.