Advice 1: What documents are required for passports UFMS

The procedure for obtaining a foreign passport is no more difficult than a civil institution. Most likely, she'll even seem easier. You need to take a ticket for a specific date and time in the FMS, to collect the necessary documents to complete an application form and attend an interview. After a certain period you will just come and take your new passport. To issue a passport, you need to bring the following documents.
What documents are required for passports UFMS
Filled application form for passport in two copies. The request form can be downloaded from the FMS and print, but you can come to the office and ask there. If when filling out forms you do not have enough lines to describe the employment activity, then you need to fill out another questionnaire where it is necessary to continue. The questionnaire shall be certified at the last place of work printing. The questionnaire can be filled by hand or on the computer. You are allowed to use blue or black ink. Erasures, corrections and errors are disabled. All information in the questionnaire should be reliable.
2 photos 35 x 45 mm, black and white or color. Pictures should be on matte paper, in an informal clothes. For new passports (valid for 10 years) to make them don't need a picture at the time of delivery of documents.
The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. May require photocopies of individual pages.
Changing the passport for a new one, apply also old, but only if its validity period has not expired. Very old passport to make no need. When issuing a new passport the old will be cancelled.
Receipt of the paid state duty. Specify the amount of state duty, as it differs depending on what type of passport you choose.
If the passport asks officer or employee of the Federal bodies of Executive power, he must also make the resolution of the command, made under the relevant rules.
For registration of the passport of the children whose age is less than 14 years of age, you need to make the application form one copy, one photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm, birth certificate, passport of one of parents and the paid receipt of the registration fee.
Children from 14 to 18 years need to apply all of the same documents as children under 14 years of age, except a birth certificate. Instead, you should show the employees of the FMS of your own passport.
For young men of military age need to show a certificate from the recruiting office that you are not called to the army at the time of filing and in the near future after that. If you have a military ID, you want to make a copy.
When submitting the form you have to sign in presence of employee of the Federal Migration service. Then he will certify your profile and submit the case to processing.
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Despite the law of the Russian Federation regulating the procedure for obtaining a passport, officers of the Federal migration service in different offices sometimes differ somewhat in their demands. In any case, it is recommended to specify this information separately.

Advice 2: Where to submit documents for passport

Obtaining a passport has now become very problematic for those who are in need of urgent travel abroad. The fact that the biometric passports are made exactly a month, but the queue at the reception to the migration service need to take almost a quarter.
Where to submit documents for passport
You will need
  • - Russian passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - military ID;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - receipt about payment of state duty.
Passport of the new generation – biometric – in the course of more than five years. During this time in the migration services – and it is the Agency authorized to issue citizens with documents for travel abroad – there were a lot of complaints. The main thing – extremely long waiting period for the execution of a document. This is due to the fact that earlier passports were engaged private companies that are related to FMS, and even the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and therefore to hand over documents it was faster and easier.
Today to hand over documents on registration of passports is possible in territorial body of the migration service at the place of registration or residence. It should be borne in mind, firstly, that the technique is rarely performed in the queue, almost all offices conducted pre-entry.
Secondly, for the manufacture of biometric passports the immigration officer needs to make your digital photography on special equipment. The equipment is not only bulky, but also expensive, and therefore are not in every territorial item. This means that, for example, in a small village to be photographed in a new document, you can not, most likely the device will be installed in the district or in the nearest city. Learn about in what division of the FMS, make passports, or on the Agency's website or by telephone inquiry.
For some acceleration of registration of foreign documents a few years ago by government decision was established the Federal state unitary enterprise "Passport-visa application centre". This is a semi-commercial enterprise, which draws nothing itself and does not have, but provides to the citizens of mediation services by completing questionnaires on biometric passports, as well as "approximation" of the date of photographing on the spetsapparat. To submit documents for a fee, the employees of the FSUE, they will propose a date and time of the nearest "emergency" meeting with the immigration officer.
If you go abroad as an employee of the diplomatic mission, the red cross, pilot (captain) or a steward, you may be issued a diplomatic passport. This higher level document, it is – in contrast to the usual red-passport – green. Documents on a diplomatic passport are served in the foreign Ministry.
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Important point: don't forget that the deadline for the production of a foreign passport at the place of registration (permanent registration) 1 month, and at the place of residence – up to four.
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