You will need
  • massage hair brushes and combs;
  • - kogterezki;
  • - toilet tray;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - lotion for ears;
  • - drugs against fleas, ticks and worms.
Take care of the health of the pet. From puppyhood regularly do the vaccination - mark on them must be indicated in the veterinary certificate. Every 3-4 months need deworming, summer treat, the dog medications for fleas and ticks. This is especially important if the dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Good protection for pet will be flea collar which needs to be changed regularly.
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Make the right diet for your pet. The easiest way to feed Pekingese finished feed intended for dogs of small breeds. Don't limit yourself to dry food, to diversify the diet of quality canned food. Keep your pet always had clean water.
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Pekingese do not like long walks. In wet weather they easily get cold, and in the heat of the animal can get heat stroke. Provide dog's daily walks at a leisurely pace and buy her toilet tray. In bad weather the Pekingese is happy to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that males need a special tray with the column.
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Follow eye condition. A daily wipe with a damp cotton swab to remove dust and dry crust. If the Pekingese is constantly screwing up his eyes and hair visible streaks of tears, this may indicate infection or injury. Show pet to the vet.
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The crease under the nose should be wiped with a soft dry cloth or a cotton pad. If the coat in this place, wet, powder her with baby powder.
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Regularly check the ears of the Pekingese. If the internal part is dry and clean, wipe it is not necessary. Noticing a dark brown or purulent discharge, clean them with a cotton swab soaked in special lotion, and then insert the drops that destroy the ear mite.
The main concern of the owner of the Pekingese connected with his luxurious coat. A daily brush massage brush, carefully disassemble the tangles with your fingers and a comb with long rare teeth. A very advanced Mat can be neatly cut, but note that it spoils the appearance of the animal.
Too long hair on the legs is cut. Use the special scissors for dogs, gently formed a round "pad". Regularly trim pet's claws - this can be done with a special kogterezki.
Don't get carried away with the wash dog. Frequent baths will make the coat dull and disheveled, deprived of her luster. It is enough to wash the dog twice a year, the rest of the time limited to the local wash paws and belly fur, becomes dirty during the walks. To preserve the purity of the lush coat will help overalls made of waterproof fabric.