The first document that you want to dream to "steer" with a full certificate, is a certificate of completion of traffic school, licensed, or preparatory courses. You can, however, do without them — if you want to have only category "A" and "b". They are allowed to learn independently and free of charge. However, the majority of potential drivers trying to fend off the team and become students of the driving schools. After paid training instructors-professionals is well worth it. In particular, and on the roads.

Back to the future

There are two categories of people who want to have legal rights. First — lovers-beginners, the other — already receiving them before, but who lost. Going to the second round, the representatives of the category number two must not forget to show the traffic police and the old identity card. And motorists, when punished for drunkenness, are required, as opposed to merely "deprived of", to bring a certificate confirming the completion of an additional inspection at the doctor-psychiatrist and lack of medical contraindications to management.

Show your passport!

Among the documents are also mandatory for police, hence a valid passport with proof of identity and register with a home address. So the attempt to invite the surrender of another, more experienced person, could hardly go unnoticed. Of course, you need to bring to the traffic police not only the application but also personal photos. Before the identity was required four matte picture three by four centimeters. One was stuck on the medical certificate, the second in the book the driving test, the third in an examination card and finally the fourth fell directly in ID. But with the advent of plastic cards has become possible to take pictures directly in the SAI.

"Doctor, I'm healthy?"

Getting a ten-year management rights to a car is closely linked to the health of the applicant. And therefore a medical certificate is also included in the list of documents, without which neither to identity nor to change it, or even start exercising on the racetrack. The issuance of such certificates, which are actually Commission conclusion several specialists, may engage only a licensed clinic.

Their signatures in medical records must put the therapist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon, psychiatrist, a psychiatrist and a gynecologist (for women). Receiving a certificate for three years (if you are over 55 years old for a year), check the date of issue & expiry, and inform what kind of driver categories you are going to pass. In conclusion it should be noted that, for example, always wear glasses or lenses.

Money, money...

All of the above costs money. Although, of course, not so large than those spent on car purchase. Another expense that is for the motorist is the state duty for the examination and, in fact, the certificate itself. 400 rubles for a document made of paper, 800 is made of plastic.

To replace lost provisional license, and later a duplicate, you will need to bring in the traffic police documents, similar to those brought to obtain a permanent license. The difference between one — not necessary to re-take exams. If you are illegally deprived of identity in court and you successfully appealed this decision, the police are obliged to give you back the original and wish a happy way!