Types of 3D glasses

To choose the right 3D glasses, you must first find out the technology used by the TV – it can be active or passive. For active technology need to purchase shutter glasses and for passive polarized glasses. The main difference from the polarization shutter glasses is the presence of tiny compartments for batteries or charging connector. In addition, the shutter glasses provided with a power indicator and charge.

View technology in the user to the TV or on the official web-site of the manufacturer.

Polarized or passive 3D glasses the same glasses used in theaters. They work without a variety of indicators, accumulators and batteries, and a three-dimensional image is divided when passing through the polarizing coating points, whereby each eye sees its intended image. To avoid common mistakes when choosing 3D glasses, you must know its key characteristics and features.

Choose 3D glasses

When choosing shutter glasses it is advisable to acquire a model with a battery to avoid frequent replacement of batteries after viewing three-dimensional movies. One battery charge lasts for forty hours, and the time of charging is two to three hours. The acquisition will be glasses with battery indicator that allows you to control the battery consumption and not to leave glasses included. Maximum working as quality 3D glasses must be smaller than the distance from the TV screen to the viewer.

Modern models shutter 3D glasses equipped with mini USB and micro USB connector through which the device can be recharged from a laptop or computer.

Choosing polarized glasses, you should give preference to models with linear polarization, which does not restrict the freedom head movements of the viewer. For comfortable viewing three-dimensional movies it is advisable to purchase 3D glasses with high transmittance parameter responsible for the transparency of the lens of this unit.

When choice shutter and polarizing glasses must ensure that the chosen model is compatible with 3D TV, for which it is acquired. In addition, it is important to check with the dealer warranty period and equipment – when buying a polarizing points in the set can go several pairs.