Disease when excessive salivation

Healthy human saliva not more than 2 mg at 10 min, a total of approximately 2 liters per day. Usually it is a reaction to the smell of food. Reduction of saliva occurs during sleep. The body begins to secrete increased amount of saliva at the diseases connected with the following organs and systems:

Gastro-intestinal tract. The human stomach is exposed every day to test: hot and spicy food, Smoking, alcohol. The result is ulcers, gastritis, tumors, pancreatitis. In these diseases diseased organ secretes saliva reflex.

The oral cavity. Saliva is actively secreted in the occurrence of stomatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis. Dentists recommend that after you have accurately diagnosed the saliva produced by "sick" bodies, to spit, to bacteria contained in saliva, are not echoed on to the healthy organs.

Vagus nerve. Irritation of this nerve occurs with constant nausea or frequent vomiting. This gastritis, meningitis, increased cranial pressure, encephalitis, Parkinson's disease.

Facial paralysis. In this case, the patient is constantly flowing saliva from the corner of the mouth paralyzed part of the face.

The intake of certain medications are also able for some time to increase salivation. This "Muscarin", "Glycoside", "Pilocarpine", "Physostigmine".

Standard cases of increased salivation

Don't worry if you increased the amount of saliva:

- after a good healthy sleep;
- in women during menopause and during high tides;
- after severe stress;
- when hormonal changes the body adolescents.
- during pregnancy;
- after installation of dental prostheses;
- after Smoking.

Methods of dealing with increased salivation

If the problem bothers salivation periodically, you can try to handle it by yourself. You can begin the healing mouth rinse decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, nettle, oak. Brew and drink tea instead of soothing fees herbs. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or make it yourself. You can review your daily menu to avoid spicy, fatty and very salty food. If after 2-3 weeks of treatment there is no expected result, it is necessary to consult a doctor. First to the dentist and if the cause is not found, then it is advisable to be examined by a therapist and neurologist.