Replace sweets with fresh fruits and berries

Dried fruits contain more calories than fresh during drying of them evaporates the moisture. Choosing sweet fruits, remember that the more moisture, the less calories. Therefore, watermelon, melon, pineapple and much preferable to, for example, bananas. Also should refuse canned fruit and compotes, as they contain too much sugar. Do the juices yourself, and sweeten them with Splenda.

Do not refuse flour

Instead of the favorite muffins, you can eat a small serving of pasta, preferably made of durum wheat. This type of pasta is lower in calories than refined flour. Also they have more fiber and protein. But in any case it is impossible to add to the main dish sauces, mayonnaise, sausages and burgers. Fat from these products.

Eat bread made from rye flour

Three or four a day slices of bread from rye flour will do you only good. So how rye bread helps improve metabolism and as a result, dropping extra pounds. When buying bread be sure to read the composition of flour on the package. Sometimes rye flour added wheat, this option is no good, you need pure rye bread.

Keep at hand a bottle of drinking water

Try to drink a glass of water every time you want to eat. Water fills the stomach and for a while discourages to eat.

Use exercise as a distraction

If you cannot go to the gym, then do something at home: cleaning, rearranging, replanting flowers, exercise, take a shower. Any physical activity brings a feeling of muscular joy and relieves not only stress, but also from the extra pounds.