Consider the sales cycle. The fact that the time from the creation of product or provision of services to profit every business has its own. The longer the sales cycle, the more costly is the enterprise, however, the profitability and reliability he has, as a rule, above. Therefore, methods of increasing effectiveness need to be built, based on this index.

For example, if you are building sites, the sales cycle is on average 7 days. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop scheme proposals that it is effectively implemented is in these terms. The first day you can provide the client with design options, and secondly to show the functionality and so on.

Structure of the sales Department

Depending on the goals and circumstances, you can use a different structure. You may need to divide the sales Department into several sections dealing with various client groups (optimal for financial and credit institutions).

The number of employees also plays a role. There are two basic concepts:

- A large number of employees with average efficiency;
- A small number of highly skilled employees.

The first option is best suited to firms with a large number of sales of standard products (such as training or food products). The second option is suitable for those who sell unique, expensive items (e.g. equipment for any production).

Motivation of employees

To save on the sales, as it will only reduce your profits. Typically, investments in this part of the business pay for itself 4-5 times. Therefore, it is necessary to motivate employees, including financial. Can arrange a competition, and you can just stimulate the number of successful sales.

In the first case, will approach the contest "employee of the month". The man made the greatest number of contracts gets a good prize or a ticket. In the second case you can assign the payment from the amount of completed work. These methods are well combined.

Trainings and internships

To the sales Department work more efficiently, it must constantly train. The best option – training within the company. Can invite the expert who will show employees how exactly to improve sales effectiveness and what results they can achieve.

Don't forget to send employees on training courses. This will allow you to remain competitive and increase profits.