HIV – the human immunodeficiency virus entering the body, causes a disturbance of the immune system, leading ultimately to complete destruction of protective mechanisms against various infections. Most HIV is dangerous because from the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease takes a long time, sometimes several years.

With this disease must learn to live. First you need as quickly as possible to overcome panic. Because, unfortunately, life will never be the same. For a long time, HIV may not manifest itself, the person feels healthy and full of energy, but the infection should not be forgotten. The first thing to tell about the illness of their loved ones to protect them. As difficult as it is, family should not be compromised. It is also necessary to inform both present and former sexual partners. Sex, even with condoms, the risk to the transmission. Dangerous not only vaginal or anal sex, but oral.

The infected person requires regular control over the condition. Control is carried out in specialized AIDS centers. There can promptly identify the progression of the disease and the onset of AIDS. Because timely initiation of treatment is fundamental to success in slowing the progression of the disease. Women who are infected with HIV feel healthy and are able to have a baby. But first you need to weigh all the "pros" and "cons". In most cases, HIV is passed to the baby through the placenta and birth canal. Whether to put newborn danger, growth under constant medical supervision, receiving toxic drugs. Even if the child will escape infection, it can be an orphan before adulthood.

When the HIV infected patient's lymphocyte count drops to a certain value, there is the opportunistic infection or any other signs of decreased immune response diagnosed with AIDS. Such people need to strictly follow some rules. First you need to give up bad habits: Smoking, drinking. It is not necessary to sit on diets, nutrition should be balanced and nutritious. You must pay attention to the quality food. The water should be thermally processed. You should check with your doctor the possibility of vaccination against some infections, so as to apply not all vaccines. It is desirable to avoid contact with unfamiliar animals. Even after contact with own an animal, you must wash your hands with soap and water. You also need to limit contact with sick people, prostupivshieshie people.