Fanfics: pros and cons

If we consider, fanfics as a hobby then keep in mind that this kind of art does in no way pays off commercially, unlike the works, for example. If you stitched a Teddy bear can still be sold, that the fan text is impossible. After all, fanfic is, in essence, is a fan story already invented by another author heroes, who are subject to copyright, that is commercial benefit of this extract is strictly prohibited. But if you are bugging your own version of events that happened to their favorite characters, and you just want to share it with your friends — why not write?

In the fan literature there is some benefit: it trains the imagination, helps to hone literacy and style of presentation of his thoughts. Unless, of course, do not be lazy to look in the dictionary and listen to the advice of readers and editors.

It often happens that the authors of the fanfiction they create due to their popularity in online communities dedicated to their favorite books and movies. But do not expect that after the first publication, you will collect a lot of rave reviews and requests in the spirit "author, write more!" You can get criticisms and it may come true that the text simply nobody will pay attention. It can beat off any hunting to continue creative activity.

Tips novice funriture:

How could you not like it — no need to start a "career" ferriter long literary works such as novel or story. It would be hard for the beginner: all of a sudden not have enough time, patience, experience? Better to start write a short story. Readers will also be easier and faster to read it and leave a comment to the author. If all goes well, you can do a whole series of stories.

The young author it is better not to take descriptions of explicit love scenes or desperate battles. Write to start of with what is familiar, or thoroughly search for the missing information on the Internet. Otherwise you might amuse your readers, even if your work is far from humorous genre.

It will be easier to navigate in the plot, if you will outline a detailed plan for the future of the text, and after discussing it with a friend who could see flaws and logical errors from which no one is immune. It will be easier to correct the plan than to rewrite an already finished story.

A fully written text needs proofreading and proofreading. Contact someone from your friends who have experience writing and editing fiction, that they have fixed all possible bugs that you could not notice yourself. You should not rely on AutoCheck or solely on their own literacy from errors nobody is insured, even professional writers need editors.

If you will carefully check and proofread your fanfic, maybe thanks to it you will be able to find new friends and like-minded people who share your feelings about favorite characters and get readers deserved recognition.