Where can I buy quality mink coat

So you've decided to realize his dream and buy a mink coat. The first question that will arise in your head – where for her to go. You can go to the local market – for the money, of course, it will be cheaper. But the market is a big risk. There you can sell a low-quality product or, even worse, a fake – tanned under the hole of a Groundhog or rabbit.

Therefore, to avoid a lot of frustration, go immediately to a specialized fur salons with a good reputation. Moreover, in case of defect, you can return the product back to the boutique.

In addition to local boutiques is always a possibility go for a mink dream abroad. The most popular fur-tours: Greece, Turkey, UAE, China, Italy.

How to check the quality of the fur

No matter where you bought the mink coat, the criteria of product quality is always one and the same. Your main weapon – care and diligence. Mink coat – not the sort of thing a rash buy just because you like the style or color of fur.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the authenticity of the fur. Swipe your hand against the NAP – long mink fur for a few moments will return to its previous appearance. If not – this is definitely not the mink. Pile height is also a good indicator. If long lint of different lengths – you offer a fur coat from marmot. In addition, pile Groundhog edgier than mink. But the pile of the rabbit are very soft, unlike the hard and elastic mink fur. Therefore, upon careful inspection, you can always distinguish a fake from real fur of mink.

Now inspect podpushek mink. If you saw the real mink fur used to, you will not confuse with anything else. Making sure that you have mink fur, begin to check its quality. To get started, simply pinch the fur or shake all the product. If mink will begin to crumble in front of you poor-quality fur, which is small.

For a start, you should just pinch the fur coat or slightly shake it. Good St. will not leave the hair not after pinching, not after shaking. If mink was stored badly or was produced during the shedding period, the coat will crumble, but if it reduces the life of a mink coat a minimum of twice.

Then check the quality of the staining coats. This white handkerchief to swipe through the fur. If the shawl is going to be a trail and worth the quality of the paint is bad, and that coat better not to buy.

Note the natural Shine of the fur. A quality coat will Shine and sparkle in the sun.

How to check the quality of the skins

The dressing of the skins are no less important in assessment than the quality of the fur. So you need to look under the lining (branded product lining is not sealed at the hem) and evaluate the scrapings - skin. If the lining is completely sealed – ask the seller a little podporot her. This is a normal requirement that the seller must meet. Failure should alert you. Perhaps the store has something to hide.

The leather is of excellent quality should be white (not yellowish) and soft, dense. Pay attention to the quality of the joints – it joints but not the joints from the bonding, the size of the pieces of paper. The smaller the pieces, the cheaper should be the cost of the product.

If after inspection you were happy, and the price suits you – we can only try on the coat. And lastly, pay attention to her weight – mink coats are very light. But if it is not, perhaps before you still a skillful forgery. So look again carefully. Nothing should escape from your sight.