Before a long journey, already assembled and delivered at the doorstep with suitcases and bags, prepared documents, dressed and shod, we "sit down on the track."

All, without exception, and the mourners, and leave. It is believed that to sit and be silent, gathering his thoughts for a moment. Well, at least, count to ten. But be sure to sit in silence the last minute before leaving the house.

No fuss, pre-departure legwork, remember, all took with them, if not forgotten, tickets, documents and necessary things. Look at the faces of those who say goodbye to departing. To carry away the heat, the walls of which they leave.

Custom living century, if not Millennium. Lives because in it the wisdom, the experience of past generations, and common sense.

It is believed that this Russian folk tradition.

The roots of the custom of "sit down on the track."

The custom of the ancient pagan roots. Our ancestors believed that if you break up and hit the road track in a hurry, brownie, living in each house, will travel for the traveler. House will die, without his guardian and Subotica.

Here and sit down, leaving the house, pretending that they are not going anywhere. Cheated of a house that neither he nor the evil spirits after prevent.

Still believed that the house at this moment, can sign if the road is fraught with danger. If such a mark happened (falling crockery, broke items off the walls), the journey had to be abandoned.

Those who left and those who stayed, said the conspiracy of a prosperous journey and a speedy return. Conspiracy there was a great variety. And on good road, guarding from evil Yes tribulations of those who fled their native threshold, and saving leave the house.

Later I prayed. Uttered the familiar words of the prayers, leaving vain and restless, finding inner harmony. In any way needs a calm composure. Appealed for help to the angels, calling store on the way and to help. The time allotted for a brief prayer and inner spirit on a trip, just, and took no more than one minute.

Good centuries-old tradition today.

Very few people from the younger generation, think about why you need to "sit on the track, but the habit of performing this ritual. Especially if there are people, grown wise life experience. Usually they say this sentence: - "Well, sit down on the track." This means that all present should sit at the threshold, at least for the same bags and keep quiet for a short time.

There are customs that have lived for centuries. Although, many of those who habitually continues to follow them, I do not remember, and why they do so, and not otherwise.

Custom be quiet, to sit and focus before leaving, one of these: good, eternal, and wise.