Types and benefits of virtual card from WebMoney

Using special webmoney WM-Card users have the opportunity to draw cards from two leading payment systems - VISA and MasterCard. By the Issuer for MasterCard acts NKO "Setevaya Raschetnaya Palata". They can be issued in three versions - Virtual MasterCard, MasterCard Maestro and MasterCard Standard. With respect to the virtual Visa card Issuer role belongs to ZAO "Bank Russian Standard".
Get a virtual card WebMoney can a system participant over the age of 16 and having the certificate not below formal.

Virtual cards have all the advantages of a standard plastic cards, only have no physical media. These cards have all the necessary Bank account details such as expiration date, account number, CVC2 code. Essentially, they are prepaid cards, i.e. the lack.

Virtual cards are full-fledged payment instruments and allow for cashless payment of goods and services, shopping online, booking tickets and hotels etc. WebMoney Card have several advantages - they can be instantly replenished with the ruble WebMoney, as well as transfer money from them to the R-purse; they have low transaction fees (1%); the balance of the card is displayed in the WM Keeper.

The procedure for obtaining virtual cards WebMoney

The process of registration of virtual card WebMoney as simple and takes no more than 5-10 minutes. The application is made online via WM-Card.
The cost of servicing the virtual card is 1% of the Deposit amount, the cost of issuing the cards - 10 rubles.

Once logged in, you'll have to choose the option "order the card". Next you need to determine the type of card - Visa virtual or MasterCard Virtual, and you can specify the limit of the card. This can be a amount from 1 to 14900 R.

In the next step the user should check the personal data, which the system automatically imports from the certificate. It is necessary to amend personal information.

The third step is to decide whether to activate the sms-service. He paid (30 Euro a month), but allows you to get notifications on the expenditure-credit card transactions, block the card, tie the card to PayPal.

It only remains to check the card settings and confirm your agreement to the terms of the program WM-Card.

After the payment of the face value of the card details is delivered to the personal and WM Keeper mobile phone by SMS instantly.