Rapid weight loss is not recommended by doctors because lack of nutrients can lead to weakening of the immune system, negatively affect the skin condition and lead to a lack of nutrients in the body. Better to lose weight gradually, without creating stressful situations. Optimized to remove 5-6 kg per month. This will not gain weight after procedures.

Rapid weight loss — where to start?

If you decide to take out 20 kg should have to change their way of life. First change the principles of nutrition. Will have to choose a diet that is specifically suited to you. Someone will choose a diet with plenty of vegetables, someone will focus on protein-rich foods. The principle of meal should be convenient and not too complicated. It is recommended to eat at least 5 times a day but small portions. The maximum food in the morning, but dinner can be eliminated. Any diet will limit the consumption of sweets, flour and fat.

In addition to power have to do sports. A good effect is achieved only in the case when the training of regular and long. Fat burning need to start with cardio and end with strength training. If total exercise time less than 40 minutes to wait for losing weight at the proper level is not worth it. The minimum number of lessons per week is four. But if possible, better to take a daily jog, to gym and to swim.

Important when quick weight loss to help the skin retain elasticity. In order to avoid stretch marks, use special creams for the body. As well will help algae wraps or clay special. Bathrooms with herbs reduce the chance of sagging. To do the procedure through the day to achieve maximum results.

How to help the body when losing weight

Weight loss is not only fat-burning process, but also cleansing of the body. Keeping things soft and easy, drink daily 3 liters of fluid. Of course, this will cause sweating, but blown through the pores of harmful substances.

Once a week you can arrange a fasting day. This will accelerate the liberation from fat. Just refrain for a day from food, replace all meals for yogurt or green apples. This drink mineral water, not tea or coffee. We can arrange a day of fasting, but such sacrifices are ready not all.

The activity will also help you to become slimmer. Try to move as much as possible. Walk, take a walk at every chance you get make a workout for the body. Change of motor activity is always good for weight.

To weight lost, contact the experts. Today, there is a hardware procedure, which will also help to remove fat, for example, cryolipolysis is the way to remove the folds of fat in just 2-3 treatments. Cells are frozen and die, their output occurs via the lymphatic system. After one application of the area of the body that was effects goes to 30% fat. But it is important to combine such weight loss with the above.