The first method is available to almost any woman. It does not require significant financial investments, painful procedures, and time-consuming. It would be a desire and a modicum of skill. Of course, we are talking about cosmetics. With its help, you can achieve amazing visual effects.
Pick a few shades of powder and blush. The colors should be close to each other, and the tones on the tone or two different. Using light and dark strokes can "draw" the cheekbones, to make them relief, or, conversely, to visually soften too protruding parts. The principle of work with shadows and light quite simple: everything that is highlighted with bright colors seem more, all decorated with a darker shade, visually reduced.
So, if you need to define the cheekbones, apply underneath blush or a darker powder on your cheekbones, spread out the lighter shade and the upper part of the cheekbones denote a light bright touch. Carefully blend the borders of the color shades that will make the face look natural. And with the help of illumination that give the skin a slight noble glow, your face will look just luxurious.
If you need to make the cheekbones a little less, use method reverse to the described in the previous step. If you apply a lighter tone on the speakers part, it will make them even more visually, so use a bronzer or powder in a darker shade, and the area under the cheekbones slightly vysvetlit. Every person is unique terrain, so don't be afraid to experiment – you will find what exactly you need.
Another way to modify cheekbones radical aesthetic surgery. Surgery for the correction of the cheeks and cheekbones successfully conducted in different clinics. During the operation, several methods are used: liposculpture (face modeling using a fat patient) and the implantation of the implants. Which one is suitable for you personally and determine only the surgeon. The operation has a number of contraindications. The rehabilitation period is a few weeks away, but the final result can be fully assessed only after six months.