You will need
  • - chisel;
  • roulette;
  • - a simple pencil.
One of the most common causes of strain and swelling of the laminate coating is a connection error. The boards were stacked against the walls and the gap between the wall and the laminate, compensating its deformation does not remain. In this case, even the increased atmospheric humidity will cause a slight swelling of the laminate of the blade and, as a consequence, the increase in its linear dimensions. As expand he will not let walls, laminate just swell. If this happens, remove from the room all the furniture, remove baseboards and using a ruler mark with a pencil line, departing from the wall by 15-20 mm. Chisel pull up the laminate on the planned line. To quickly remove the deformation and not to wait, when it dries, you can put on bloating something heavy. Please note that around the heating pipes running from the lower floors, were left gap and the fabric laminate is not rested on them.
In the case where the strength of the laminate is low, any spilled liquid can cause bloating. If overturned bucket or broken aquarium, and quickly wipe the water failed, most likely, it falls into coupling grooves. Deformation of the laminate coating will be inevitable, but you should carefully remove the Board area of the damaged surface, wipe and dry them. You should also thoroughly wipe and dry the water if she fell asleep under the laminate. If necessary, you can turn the piece of porous substrate, which is placed under the laminate flooring. Wet boards to dry, lay on a flat surface and press them with something heavy. For the full restoration of the form panels will take 5-7 days. The dried slats should again be put in place.
Another reason for deformation of flooring from laminate can be slit. They can form if the slats were laid on the uneven floor, the first time kompensiruet substrate. A couple of years, the substrate loses its elasticity, and the slit starts to leak water during the wet cleaning of the floor and the coating bubbled. If this is the case, remove the Board in the place where the laminate is swollen, align the surface of the floor and replace the backing.