The infection of scabies happens when direct contact with the patient or through its own hygiene items, and bedding. You can catch scabies failure to comply with hygienic norms (public transport, hospital and bath). The spread of the disease contributes to overcrowding, irregular bathing, migration and rare linen change. The incubation period can last up to six weeks.

Treatment of scabies

In the treatment of this disease sure that it entirely excludes the possibility of its return. Change all the linen of the patient and underwear, carefully wash the floor with disinfectant, wipe the dust. Linen to boil and iron. Treatment should be strictly under medical supervision, over the entire surface of the skin. Scabies is treated by external means, the doctor may prescribe sulfur ointment, sodium thiosulfate or benzyl-benzoate. Skin treatment is made within several days, the patient all this time, it is forbidden to bathe.

Homemade soap for scabies

To get rid of scabies, you can prepare at home medical soap. For this you need a bar of soap. Grate it on a fine grater and put on a small fire. While it gradually melts, grate a clove of garlic and one small onion. Send chopped onion and garlic to the soap when it is completely melted. Cook for ten minutes, pour into mold and allow to harden. Treat this soap affected areas twice a day. This method allows you to quickly deal with scabies.

Medical ointment

For the preparation of an ointment for scabies, you will need a tablespoon of melted lard, which must be mixed with the same amount of soap previously rubbed on a grater. There also send a couple of teaspoons of sulfur and a teaspoon of birch tar. All components mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. The prepared ointment evenly to the skin. The course of treatment, the tool is seven days, after which you will forget about the disease.

The juice of milkweed in the fight against scabies

To get rid of scabies in a few days will help of Euphorbia. Apply fresh juice on the affected area of the body two to three times a day. Note that the juice of spurge is considered a strong allergen, so it is not recommended to use for scabies in children and pregnant women. Squeeze the juice on the skin area, if within an hour wasn't any itching or redness, then an allergic reaction to the milkweed not. You can use daily for the treatment of the disease.