"Sulfacetamide" - an effective antibiotic

"Sulfacetamide" is an antibiotic, which is aimed at stopping the propagation of pathogenic organisms (streptococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, Toxoplasma, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Escherichia coli, etc.). The active ingredient of the drug – sulfacetamide. "Sulfacetamide" is intended for the treatment of inflammatory eye diseases of infectious origin (purulent ulcers of the cornea, purulent conjunctivitis, inflammation of the ciliary edges of the eyelids), for the prevention of acute purulent inflammation of the eye in newborns.
There are 30% drops "Sulfacetamide", intended for adults, and 20% for children.

In some cases the doctors recommend the use of "Sulfacetamide" in the nose, for example, if a runny nose is a symptom of a bacterial infection in newborns. In allergic cold and teething drops will not have any therapeutic effect. So, before you dig "Sulfacetamide" children under one year, you must ensure that the discharge from the nose is a reaction to the appearance of the teeth. In infectious disease, nasal discharge greenish, in other cases they are light, almost transparent.

How to drip "Sulfacetamide" in the nose

Since the amount of active substance in one dose is quite small. "Sulfacetamide" can be used to treat children of different ages. The drug may have on the nasal mucosa irritating action, its usage should comply with the dosage. For instillation into the nose infants drops should be diluted with boiled water in proportion 1:1. In each nostril drip one or two drops, the procedure is repeated three to four times a day. Apply a drop of "Sulfacetamide" for instillation into the nose should be no longer than five days. If the baby behaves restless, you can drench a cotton swab and wipe down the nasal passages of the baby. Sometimes a child can be quite sensitive to the introduction of the drug, because the tool causes a slight burning sensation in the mucosa.
Drops "Sulfacetamide" stored in a place protected from light, at a temperature of 8-15 degrees. The opened vial should be used within 28 days.

To address the question about the use of "Sulfacetamide" in the treatment of a child's runny nose, you should consult with your physician. The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to drugs group sulfonamides. "Sulfacetamide" should not be used in renal insufficiency, and also at the same time with medications containing silver.