What is slips?

Panties is a closed form of female panties, they have a side stripe, slightly dropped waist, wide front and rear (completely cover the buttocks).

The slips had become widespread in the fifties of the last century, but mostly as an outfit centerfolds. Public morality was not ready for their candid and feminine form. But since they are considered a classic model and remain relevant until now. In the early 1970s, the slips become a daily subject of lingerie and bathing are included in the kits.

Dignity panty slips

Briefs are very comfortable, they combine perfectly with any model of bra. This panty model is best suited for everyday wear. They are attractive and from a medical point of view. Many gynecologists have a negative attitude to the Thong, they believe that it is not hygienic.

Due to its shape, slips can demonstrate lace and other decorative elements. On small panties, like a Thong, make the design difficult.

Popular material for sewing panty is cotton (natural material, does not cause allergies). Sew panties from nylon, elastane, viscose, modal, silk.

Slips can be matched to any outfit, wear them under tight pants or skirt.

What are panties

Conventionally, all panties are divided into 3 types:
- Maxi.

Briefs are the second type: MIDI. This means that they are very closed and not very open. Among the panties-the panties also has a unit for mini, MIDI and Maxi. So slips can be of different types:
- panties with a high waist and lowered over the side part is a more conservative option;
panties with a low rise (about 4 fingers below the navel) and more open side – more open version;
- option MIDI – something average between the first and second option.

For women looking visually correct shape, designed modeling and shaping slips. Their composition is dominated by lycra and microfiber, and most often they are made with a wide waistband.

Slips can be found not only in women's wardrobe, so called and men's underwear classic slim fit. They can also be high or low waisted, varying degrees of fit and length. In Russia most often referred to as trunks.

And, of course, baby sleep suits are very popular. A wide range of colors and styles allows you to choose underwear for both girls and boys.