A warm shower or hot bath after a workout

If you feel that your muscles are overused and realize that maybe tomorrow they will be badly hurt, then without delay take a hot or warm shower. And best of all to run a bath, add sea salt and immerse yourself in relaxation for 20-30 minutes. This will allow your body to relax after a hard workout, which reduces significantly the pain.

Even after a hot bath your body will not stop hurting. The pain will decrease, but don't get out at all. To finally get rid of the painful post-workout tests, need, strange as it may sound, the next day to practice. This is done in order to get the body used to the load, and the following workout was not the same test as the first. If you allow yourself to relax, then the pain is not only not subside, and resumed with renewed vigor.
Massage for sore muscles

Another way to ease the pain is massage. It can be done yourself. The technique in this case is not so important. Important here is the warming up of the muscles, the better you promnet painful places, the easier it will be. The blood will come to the muscles, allowing them to recover faster and get back into shape. However, the ideal would be a trip to a professional masseur. Specialist will be better able to understand where and how to do massage, which will give a more rapid boost to getting rid of the pain.