The mirror, of course, simplifies the task, but to make a really good self portrait, reflective surfaces need to be cleaned up. Carefully wipe it with a special tool, leaving no residue. It is very important to achieve absolute smoothness of a mirror, because stains can distort the proportions of the face.
Try to take a photo a day, in natural bright light. This will allow to avoid "shake", that is, fuzziness and blurred images. In case you are unable to photograph, or simply the sun's rays do not penetrate into the room with the mirror, at least take care of bright artificial light. This is very important.
Turn off the flash. It will make your face flat, will reveal all the smallest defects of the skin. This is not necessary, even if you master photoshop. Messing around with leather, bumps which seemed to be specially emphasized — little joy.
If possible, make maximum natural makeup with emphasis on eyes. So they will attract attention to the pictures. Do not overuse bright colors in makeup, because without professional retouching you have the chance to recreate not quite the way I planned.
Think about her hair and clothes. It is not necessary to create a full evening look for self-portrait, but you should look well-groomed and neat.
Take a camera or phone part of the photo. Keep it casual but neat. Don't look at the screen of the device, admire himself in the mirror.
Do not strain your face muscles, it may lose appeal. Smile mouths, it looks more natural. Do not open your mouth in an attempt to give the face a touch of sexuality. It looks good from professional models after long-term treatment in photoshop. Amateur pictures of open mouth reminds about the cold.
It is not necessary to remove from the bottom, it will increase and aggravate your chin and neck will distort proportions. You should not remove itself, and from the top, you'll look like an alien or a dwarf. Look at yourself in the mirror or in the reflection of the camera.
Does not portray a non-existent emotions. It looks unnatural and vulgar. Be relaxed. Do not use your acting talent, even if you have it. Honest self-portrait always looks better to players.
Be careful what you have behind. Shabby carpet, dead plants, a table with dirty dishes — all this can significantly damage even the best poses and facial expressions.