Why swollen fingers

Often the fingers are swollen due to allergic reactions to various chemical substances included in the composition of household detergents and cleaning products. In this case, it is necessary either to use rubber gloves when working with tools or to pick up household chemicals, does not cause allergies.

Frequent cause of edema is venous disease (eg, thrombophlebitis, varicose). As a rule, in these diseases there is an increase of affected areas veins. There may be pain, redness of the skin. In such cases, you should consult a doctor-phlebologist – specialist in vein diseases.

The fingers often swell in women during menstruation and in pregnant women owing to drastic hormonal changes in their bodies. Quite often the fingers are swollen because of metabolic disorders, especially water metabolism. This may occur due to malfunction of the kidneys, and because of the excessive consumption of salty, spicy foods, excessive drinking (especially before bed). Also a violation of water metabolism may occur due to high temperature, overheating of the body. So in hot weather you should minimize in proportion of diet heavy, greasy, salty food, wear light clothing, use a fan, air conditioning. In the hottest hours possible better not to go out. Women better in this weather do not wear bracelets, rings, and clothing with long and tight sleeves buttoned because they are pinching the superficial layers of the skin and can increase swelling. Finally, fingers can swell as a result of trauma: injury, dislocation, fractures, even fractures.

How to get rid of swelling of the fingers

Doctor's prescription you can take medication with a diuretic effect to remove excess fluid from the body. With the same purpose it is useful to regularly consume melons, cucumbers. If the swelling is accompanied by pain, should consult a surgeon and an x-ray of the hand. If necessary, the doctor will help and prescribe treatment.

In order to get rid of swelling, you need to do daily exercises for the hands. Put your hands up, start to compress and unclench the fingers. You can also use a tea made from flax seed, as it promotes the removal of fluid and swelling. More movements! Walking in the fresh air, exercise.